My journey began over fifteen years ago when after working eight hours hostessing on Mothers Day at a small family owned restaurant, I had horrible pain in both feet. 

When I returned home that evening and removed my shoes, I was shocked and horrified.  Where were my feet, where were my toes, they were swollen, crazy swollen.    I did what most would do, took ibuprofen and was hopeful come morning all would be fine.  Sleep came slowly that evening due to the pain I was feeling from the weight of a single sheet resting across my toes.  In the morning my beautiful feet had returned, but as soon as I stepped out of bed I knew something went terribly wrong.  And so the journey began!  Bumpity, bumpity, bump!!!

I can go on with my story but I am going to stop now for it will unfold as I continue to share.  This website is not about doom and gloom, just the contrary.  Conscious Choice Living is all about Hope, Empowerment, and deep Reflection.  It’s about what we put at the end of our fork and taking responsibility for our well being.  Its about mindfulness, becoming conscious of who we are, what we say, what we think and embracing the moments we are living and being grateful.  It’s about the beauty and joy of movement, the calm we can develop from meditation and journaling, while finding the kinder, softer, more loving self.  Some of what I share you may not agree with or even believe and I encourage you to question all of it.  My hope is this information will fuel a fire deep within so you want to step back and see what it is you can do to find the balance you have been seeking.

I lost the ability to move without great pain.  To walk, to raise my arms, to button a blouse and pull up a zipper.  Not only did I have to give up running, I was not able to throw a saddle over my horses back, tighten a cinch or clean my horses hooves.  I could barely throw a flake of hay while feeding so picking up a bale in the pasture became impossible.  I woke up each morning stiff as a board and had to stand in a hot shower to get the blood flowing and my body mobile.  I chopped my hair off because it was painful holding the brush and on the job touching the keyboard of my computer caused incredible pain.   I was so afraid of what was happening to me and every joint in my body screamed in agony.  I had a choice to either go with what Western Medicine was telling me and had to offer which was bleak and discouraging, or, choose my own path.  I am Grateful everyday for whatever possessed me to step on the path I chose even though it was a very lonely place to be.