PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER – A Review for 2017 –  

It’s so hard to believe we are a week away from Christmas and a couple weeks away from the New Year – Two Thousand Eighteen –  Where oh where has time gone???   It’s as if we are on the worlds largest roller coaster being tossed, turned, crushed,  pitched airborne being catapulted hither and tither as we navigate these lives we are living.  Sometimes in the space of a lifetime, others, in the space of an instant.

I embarked on a healing journey over twelve years ago making changes in my lifestyle that are permanent and ingrained deep within the me I am today.  I experimented with myself and opened my mind to listen, really listen to what my body had been telling me.  In the beginning I was frightened of the changes that had to happen for true healing to take place but I was more frightened of what turn my life would take if I didn’t take responsibility.  Most people in my position were heading right, not questioning western medicines instruction,  but for some unknown reason this time I chose to go left and that was the moment my world changed and my purpose was revealed.

In past Newsletters I have covered many different subjects, all with the hope of inspiring each of you to make Wellness one of the top priorities in your livesHealth is priceless and what we need to understand is this is an individual choice we make, for nobody has the power to change anyone else.  We can encourage and inspire, or, we can lead by example knowing change comes from within an individual only if and when the time is right.   I hope to inspire some to make changes today that will be proactive for their futures and encourage others to not give up hope, regardless of what your body or modern medicine is telling you.

We have learned the brain and gut are connected and we also learned GMO’s, and glyphosate (along with other pesticides, herbicides, fungicides)  are injuring all of us at the cellular level.  We know breathing is a most important element of wellness, being still, whatever or wherever that is for you and we know movement is just as important.  We must strive to be present moment by moment and we must practice turning off mindless chatter adding gratitude to our daily lives focusing on what we want knowing our thoughts become things.

Wellness is a mind, body, and spiritual connection all intertwined with the rhythms of the energy that envelopes everything in this world we share.  Winter solstice is this week  (12/21) which brings an enhanced energy to our universe, to everything around us, everything in us, so lets take a moment and be still.  Find your quiet mind, breathe deep, release, repeat for a few minutes and feel.  Feel the vibration of this energy as it stirs your heart and soul to grow, to heal, calming the forces that pull us out of balance one moment at a time!